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Why Training from Solapur IT Services™...?

We understand your need that is why we deliver you the best quality course material and excellent infrastructure. Our qualified and experienced faculties are always there to deliver best services to our student. Here, in Courses we provide customized training for ethical hacking that include System Hacking, session hacking, web application vulnerabilities etc (see course detail).  
Our Solapur IT Services™. Online training provides uniqueness that aid to improve the level of understanding and exposure of the student’s skills such as:
         • Real life exposure.

         • Personal attention to each student
         • Most economical fees. Learn practical aspect along with certification.
         • Intensive Training and Exposure to Live Server, Live IP, Live Domain.
         • Determine the gaps – Curriculum Vs Industry Requirement.
         • Design, develop and deliver courses as per Industry need.

This online Training will immerse the students into an interactive environment where they will be shown how to scan, test, hack and secure their own systems. The online practical testing gives each student in-depth knowledge and practical experience with the current essential security systems. Students will begin by understanding how perimeter defences work and then be lead into scanning and attacking their own networks, no real network is harmed.


The CEH Program certifies individuals in the specific network security  discipline of Ethical Hacking from a vendor-neutral perspective. The Certified Ethical Hacker certification will fortify the application knowledge of security officers, auditors, security professionals, site  administrators, and anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure. A Certified Ethical Hacker is a skilled professional who understands and knows how to look for the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target  systems and uses the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker.

Computer Crime in today’s Cyber World is on the rise. Computer Investigation techniques are being used by police, government and corporate entities globally and many of them turn to EC-Council for our Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator CHFI Training and Certification Program. Computer Security and Computer investigations are changing terms. More tools are invented daily for conducting Computer Investigations, be it computer crime, digital forensics, computer investigations, or even standard computer data recovery,  The tools and techniques covered in EC-Council’sCHFI program will prepare the student to conduct Computer Investigations using Groundbreaking Digital Forensics Technologies.  


EC Council Certified Security Analyst, ECSA an advanced ethical hacking training certification that complements the Certified Ethical Hacker, CEHcertification by exploring the analytical phase of ethical hacking. While the Certified Ethical Hacker  certification exposes the learner to hacking tools and technologies, the Certified Security Analyst course takes it a step further by exploring how to analyze the outcome from these  tools  and  technologies. Through groundbreaking network penetration testing methods and techniques, this pen testing computer security  certification helps students perform the intensive assessments required to effectively identify and mitigate risks to the information security of the infrastructure.

The Certified Security Analyst “Pen Testing” program is a computer security certification designed to teach Information Security Professionals the advanced uses of the available methodologies, tools and techniques expected from a premier ethical hacking training and are required to perform comprehensive information security pen tests.  Students will learn How to design, secure and test networks to protect your organization from the threats hackers and crackers pose. By teaching the Licensed Penetration Tester, LPT methodology and ground breaking techniques for security and penetration testing, this class will help you perform the intensive assessments required to effectively identify and mitigate risks to the security of your infrastructure. As students learn to identify Information Security problems in this ethical hacking training certificationcourse, they also learn how to avoid and eliminate them, with the class providing complete coverage of analysis and network security-testing topics.

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EC-Council offers its portfolio of e-Business certifications for professionals seeking specialized knowledge and advancement in career opportunities. As an individual or as an organization, the e-Business certification knowledge base helps you create the most appropriate e-Business solution to cater to the global economy.

CEP Certification is awarded by passing any one of the following exams:

  • Customer Relationship Management Exam (212-16)

  • Cyber Marketing (212-51)

  • E-Business Security Exam (212-25)

  • Knowledge Management Exam (212-69)

  • Supply Chain Management Exam (212-27)

  • Project Management in IT Security (312-38)

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